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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Introducing Fonts


Definition: Fonts define the fonts used across your website design.

To format the fonts used globally (everywhere) on your website you can use the selection editor found in Design > Text/Fonts. This is also where you can upload your web fonts and include any associated CSS.

 Caution: We do not recommend changing anything unless you know exactly what you're doing. This part is usually completed by your designer.

Basic Text/Font Formatting

Within Content Styles you can edit the formatting for both body text and headings across your site.

Choose the font from the selected drop down and enter a colour in hex code, e.g. #444444. The transformation of headings, e.g UPPERCASE or Capitalised, can also be set here, along with letter spacing.

Alike many pages this has the "Edit Raw Data" feature, enabling you to quickly copy styling from one KhooSeller website to another should you so wish.

Uploading a Web Font into KhooSeller

To upload your own web font into KhooSeller you can enter the CSS into the Font CSS section. 

You can then select this font in the drop-down under Text/Fonts > Content Styles to use within your site and eCampaigns.