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KhooSeller Guides

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Sales Order Processing Overview

In KhooSeller, the sales module is where you manage orders, shipments (packing slips/cancelation notes) and ledger activities (invoicing/credit notes )for sales made across all of your sales channels.

The Multi-channel Sales section pulls together sales from all your channels or you can see channel-specific sales under Sales> Orders. The Multi-Channel sales order information using ‘order transactions’ to update information in the inventory, customer CRM and reports.

Sales Order Processing

In KhooSeller a sale begins with an order. An order ‘ring fences’ or ‘pre-allocates’ stock from your general stock figures to a customer. This does not guarantee that your desired warehouse holds stock for that order, it just guarantees that from your pool of stock, you can provide the customer with the items. The steps to process an order are made at the ‘order item’ level.

Non-allocatable items such as discounts and delivery cannot be allocated (as the name suggests) but can be cancelled and refunded. Allocatable items (usually all of your SKU’s) must be allocated and despatched or cancelled to complete an order. From the order, allocation selects the warehouse (or fulfilment method) that will fulfil the customers order.

Following allocation, a packing slip will ‘lock down’ order items so that no further changes to those order items can be made. To cancel items, read the full guide on cancelation here.

Payment, invoicing and refunds/credit notes can be be performed outside of the order processing suit your business however, payment shall always be made for an order in it’s entirety and invoices therefore shall also always display the entire order value.

Customer CRM

Every sales order requires a customer record to be created, even if it's a one off sale. For guest checkout’s, where customers choose not to save their details, the customer is not able to log back into their account to see their customer record with you. Where a customer registers with you, or is setup by your team, the customer record holds all information about a customer including full order and financial history and details of their outstanding balance, payment methods and credit account. Keeping in contact with customers can be done via email within the inbuilt Customer CRM. Any communication sent through KhooSeller will automatically be recorded on the customer Event timeline for future reference. And should any emails be sent outside of KhooSeller, they can also be added to the timeline manually or by forwarding the email to your CRM collection email (i.e.

Accounting for Sales

KhooSeller gives you options over whether you account for your orders or not. If you use the KhooSeller ledger actions such as invoicing, you can take full advantage of accounting for your orders and manage all your accounts automatically. All the accounting for sales is posted automatically as tasks are completed.

Accounting journals are created when the following events occur:

  • Invoicing
  • Payment allocation
  • Crediting
  • Refunding

When offline payment is received, these must be entered manually.

Reporting on sales

Report on your sales by date across sales channel, brand, product SKU, top customers or top selling products.