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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)


Affiliates are links used to track referrals and locations that send customers your way. For example if you have an instagram influencer or Facebook advert, you can give each an individual link so you can track orders and invoices by referral source.

There are 4 steps to setting up affiliates:

1) Make your Affiliate 

Navigate to "My Site - Affiliates", and click "+Add" to setup a new Affiliate


Enter their details and press save.  

Enter a unique, personal tracking code. Here we use "abcd" as an example but you might want a more personal code. Note this is not a voucher, discount or multi buy code. 


2) Generate your Affiliate URL(s)

This will be your site and then add "?atc=abcd", where abcd is your tracking code.

For example if your site is "", and your affiliate code is "abcd", your URL will be ""

If you want to land on specific products, use the product URL instead, for example ""

This will be link you give to your affiliate for them to refer people to you, so you can set the affiliate code and URL to be more specific if you wish. 

3) Check you've set it up correctly! 

Go to the link you generated above, add a product to the basket and place a test order on your site. 

If you navigate to "My Site - Affiliates", you will now see a "1" in the Orders column for your Affiliate. 

4) Give the URL code to your affiliate and monitor their referrals. 

Navigate to "My Site - Affiliates" to monitor the invoices and orders per affiliate, or on the "Sales-Orders" screen you can choose tracking option for referral source.