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KhooSeller Guides

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Introducing Stock

 Allocating your orders (particularly when you are selling across more than one channel) is dependent on: stock levels and the product being on the inventory list for that channel. 

These are the questions that you need to ask yourself as you are processing an order and the actions that can (or can't be taken). Please note that where the allocatable amount is 0 you won't be able to process the order.


What are the different types of stock levels?

KhooSeller holds 5 different stock levels for each item:

  • STK: Physically on the shelf in the warehouse
  • PRE: Pre-allocated (this is a measure of demand for a product).
  • ALC: Allocated - how many units have been accepted, but not yet dispatched, for an item
  • ORD: Stock on order with your suppliers 
  • OH: 'On hand' stock level (calculated STK-ALC)

NB these levels will be shown below the Order Items in the table Stock Levels when you click on the order. If you are having trouble allocating an order look at this box and check the stock levels for each of the above.

What happens to the stock when a customer orders an item?

When a customer orders an SKU, the the stock is 'pre-allocated' for this customer. 

When the order is allocated, the stock is reserved for the customer. Most businesses choose to 'auto-allocate' stock on order creation via an automation workflow, particularly when not part-shipping.

When an order is shipped, the item is no longer marked as allocated and the STK level is reduced. 

There are a few ways to add stock to your inventory, which can be seen here

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