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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Creating a Directory

The directory is made up of a directory folder and directory items.

The directory folder determines how the directory items are displayed and acts as a container for them. The directory items are therefore the individual contacts you create.

On this page:

  • Creating the folder
  • Adding Items to the directory

Creating the folder

  1. Go to Content > Presets. Navigate to 'folder' and click Add.

  2. When the dialogue appears, fill in the appropriate fields and click OK

    Creating the directory folder

  3. Go back to layout presets and click Add. Choose the folder module and attach the folder view 'Directory Folder' which we just made.

  4. Create a new folderand attach the layout preset we just made.

That's how we create a directory folder, ready for our items to be put inside.

Adding items to the directory

  1. Go to Content > Pages and click New > Directory Item.

  2. When the dialogue appears, give your directory item a navigation title and click OK

  3. Fill in the appropriate fields and click Save changes

That's it! That's all that needs to be done to create your basic directory and add directory items inside