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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Creating the View of a Folder

You can control the view of a folder and how it displays the items contained within it. You can also determine the behaviour of the folder and the content it displays. This can be done with the Content Pages From drop-down.

Folder Items (Show all items inside of the folder in the order they appear.)

Attribute Search (Shows a filterable search and any items that currently have attributes ticked against them.)

First enclosed Item (Redirect to the first item inside of the folder.)

Related Items (Show only the related items that have been attached to the folder.)

Smart Query: (The folder will display items that satisfy a query. For example, all items that are less than or equal £10.)

Also, bear in mind that the individual page visibility options of the contained items will affect whether they will be displayed.

Controlling how this content is displayed

Once you've determined what content is displayed, it's a matter of deciding how it's displayed. Folder presets are what determine how folder items are displayed.

At this point, you should already have a folder preset created. If not, learn how to make one here.

To attach the folder preset to the folder, simply select it from the drop-down marked "Folder Preset", while the folder is selected under Tree View, within "Edit".

What order are they displayed in

You can change the sort order of the items in the folder with the sort order. By default the items inside a folder are shown in the order they appear but you can change this with the different options from the drop-down.

Manual (This is the default. The folder items are ordered the way they appear in the tree view)

Title (Filters the folder items alphabetically)

Date (newest first) (Filters the folder items by newest first)

Date (oldest first) (Filters the folder items by oldest first)

Code (Filters the folder items by the SKU code)

Price (Filters the folder items by price)

On Offer (Filters the folder by showing the on-offer products first)