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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Displaying Media Galleries


After media has been added through upload to a media gallery on the page, for the gallery to be displayed on the page itself two criteria have to be satified.

These are: 

  • That the media gallery you want to display has a media preset made for it, which is referenced in the layout preset the page is using, under "Uses Presets". Media galleries are styled through their media preset. Find out more here.
  • That the relevant gallery component is put into the page's structure, whether this is in the layout template or directly in a layout section of the page. Read more about this in the section below.

This applies to every media gallery, with the exception of Browser Background Image Galleries which only need the first bullet point satisfied, given their nature.

Using Gallery Components

Here are all the different galleries and their component names;

Image Gallery - {*pg_gallery_image}

File Gallery - {*pg_gallery_file} 

Audio/Video Gallery - {*pg_gallery_av}  

FW Background Image Gallery - {*pg_gallery_fw}

Important: In this article, components are displayed with an asterisk "*" at the start for written purposes only. They should not include this when being used.

Galleries can be brought in to the structure of a page by making the gallery components part of the template in the layout preset that the page uses (with the exception of Browser Background Image Galleries). You can read more about formatting the template structure of the page body within the layout preset here.

Alternatively, galleries can be brought in through the relevant component name (see above) within layout sections of the page in page associated content.