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Payment Overview

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  • How Payment is Made: An Overview

How Payment is Made: An Overview

Payment is made on your KhooSeller website. This payment is taken on a secure server on the domain and not on your actual website (although it appears to be your website) to ensure that your website is PCI compliant.

When a customer places an order we pre-authorise the card. We do not store any card details, but pass the reference of the card, along with how much should be taken from the card, through to our card processing partners Universal Payment Gateway (Monek UPG). They send through the details of the card to the customer’s bank to check that the card is in fact theirs, and that there is enough money on the card to pay for the product being purchased.

Monek UPG sends back a reference with a message attached to it that tells you if the bank has authorised the card to take payment for the order. You will know that this is the case because in the orders section of your website the status of the order will be “Pending” and there will be a tick in the Paid? column. 

You then click on the order, and allocate and invoice it.

This fires another instruction to Monek  UPG to authorise them to take payment from the card, and the money is taken from the card at this point.

So the money then passes into your merchant bank account via Monek UPG, which usually takes a day.