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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Page Attributes

What are they?

Page attributes are attributes which you can apply to your pages and products. These are then used by the folder / filter search to filter through your products based on the attributes which have been checked. 

How are they used

Go to Content > AttributesClick Page Attributes.

Page Attributes

Under page attributes click the + icon to create a new set. Give your page attribute set a title and click OK.

Page Attributes

Using your master attributes, drag in the appropriate sets. The attributes which reside within these sets will be checked off against the appropriate products later on.

Page Attributes

The attribute subsets must match those in the folder / filter search in order for them to appear when they've been checked off against a product.

Applying attributes to a product

Go to the product / page you wish to apply attributes to. Click Edit > Attributes.

Page Attributes

Using the drop down, choose the appropriate attribute set.

Page Attributes

Check off the attributes which apply to the product.

Page Attributes

Save your changes.

You can also use the product list to apply the same attributes to multiple products.

Go to Content > Product list.

Page attributes

Select the products which will have the same attribute set applied to them.

With selected, Set attributes

Choose the attribute set you wish to apply to these products and check off the appropriate attributes.

That's all that needs to be done in order for an attribute to be applied to a product or page. So long as the attribute set resides within the folder / filter search, customers will be able to narrow down products to find a product which is of interest to them.